Students can be identified as gifted in language, mathematics, social studies, and/or science. They can be identified in one area or multiple areas. Students may refer themselves for evaluation for giftedness, or they can be referred by a peer, teacher, parent, administrator, counselor, or a gifted education resource teacher.

The following multiple criteria are used to determine eligibility for services:

  • Aptitude Test Scores (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test and Cognitive Abilities Test are administered; PSAT scores may also be used; other aptitude test scores from within the past three years can be used if available or submitted by a parent)
  • Classroom Performance Measures (Grades, SOL, and AP test scores, when available, are used)
  • Teacher and Parent Input (Parents and teachers are asked to complete reports about the student)
  • Student Input (Students are asked to complete a report and submit work samples; normed achievement test scores may also be used when available)


The process for identification can take up to 90 instructional days but generally is completed within 2 months. Once the information is gathered, the case is reviewed by a school-level profile development committee and sent to a county-level Identification and Placement Committee comprised of an administrator, counselor, classroom teacher, and gifted resource teachers. The decision of the committee can be appealed by a teacher, parent, or the student, as long as the appeal is submitted within 90 instructional days of the committee's decision.



If you are interested in having your child be tested for gifted identification, please contact either:

Lianne Edwards 571-261-4400
Mary Beth Starkey 571-261-4400

Parent and student questionnaires, along with the referral form for identification testing is available under the link to the left, entitled "Files and Documents".