Welcome to Advanced Math!
Students who have successfully completed Algebra II may take this year long elective course that extends both algebra and trigonometry topics. Emphasis is on functions and their inverses, equations and inequalities, graph theory, matrices, sequences and series, conic sections, and logarithms. Trigonometry topics include triangular and circular definitions of the trig functions, trig identities, and solutions of trig equations. Emphasis is placed on practical applications and modeling throughout the course of study. 


Graphing calculators will be used throughout this course.  Graphing utilities enhance the understanding of realistic applications through mathematical modeling and aid in the investigation and study of functions and their inverses.  They also provide an effective tool for solving/verifying equations and inequalities.  An emphasis will also be placed on data analysis throughout the course of study.

Topics Covered as of 3/23/2020:
Unit 01: 
Polynomial Functions
Unit 02: Other Functions
Unit 03: Logarithms
Unit 04: Triangle Trigonometry
Unit 05: Introduction to Trigonometry
Unit 06: Trigonometric Identities

Information for our class can be found at our canvas page, Please contact Mrs. Houser if you are having trouble accessing the page.