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Students develop proficiency in designing and creating desktop-published projects, multimedia presentations/projects, and Web sites, using industry-standard application software. Students apply principles of layout and design in completing projects. Students create portfolios that include a résumé and a variety of desktop-published, multimedia, and Web-site projects produced in the course.  


In this course, students will learn various skills based on the topics below:

Demonstrating Knowledge of Hardware, Software, and Operating Systems
Applying Principals of Layout and Design
Designing and Creating Print and Graphic Design Projects
Designing and Creating Multimedia Presentations/Projects
Exploring Legal and Ethical Issues
Developing Employability Skills

Topics Covered as of 3/23/2020:
Tutorial 01: 
Getting Started with HTML5
Tutorial 02: Getting Started with CSS
Tutorial 03: Designing a page layout
Tutorial 04: Graphic design with CSS
tutorial 05: designing for the mobile web

Information for our class can be found at our canvas page, Please contact Mrs. Houser if you are having trouble accessing the page.