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What have we learned so far in Earth Science?

  • Check out this document for the Earth Science Learning Targets. 
  • As of this update, we have covered Learning Targets 1-8.5
  • The Earth Science documents link on the left hand side of this page has everything we have covered since the beginning of the year. 
  • Check this page for updates including activities to try. 
  • Stay tuned to your PWCS email.

What should I be doing for Earth Science?

  •  Check email daily
  • Complete Challenges on Canvas
Update 4/21/2020

Challenge 4- Earth Science Week Celebration

  • We are celebrating Earth Science week!  This week for activities we are choosing 2 from the calendar found here. Remember, none of these assignments are graded but I am happy to provide you feedback, if you'd like.
  • All tests that were taken this semester are on Canvas.  They all require an access code.  To get the access code, you must complete the study assignment- usually Kahoot or Quizlet.  One you have completed the study activities at least twice, send an email to Mrs. Wright and she will give you the access code.

CANVAS Link - Please read below! 

From this point forward, please sign into your Office 365 account and find the Canvas App.  If it is not on the first screen you see, you may need to click on “All Apps”.  Once you see Canvas, choose it and it will take you to a Canvas dashboard will all your current classes.  You can also get to Canvas by going to and login like you would to Office 365.