Help with Latitude and Longitude:

Game 1: Go to

Play the game by clicking on the coordinates you are instructed to deliver to.  When you have successfully delivered a pizza, you will collect a flag.  Play until you have collected 10 flags. 

Game 2:
Go to
Click play.  Click on the appropriate dot's latitude and longitude.


Help with Topographic Maps

Game 1: Try this "game"  Press play and click on the correct location on the map.

Game 2: More game practice- click on the correct location.

Help with Time Zones
There are 22 movable clocks with different hour on the top of the game screen. Drag and drop them at the approximate time zone on the world map. They are 22 of 24 clocks because one clock is the pivot clock at the UTC 0, and UTC+12 and UTC-12 clocks overlap. Sort all 22 time clocks to win the game.