This portal allows you to complete online labs.  Right now the activities include a Plate Tectonics activity and an activity where you make your own "air conditioner."  More will be added as the school-year progresses.  Nothing too difficult but very helpful.  To gain access, go to the link above and Register.  Make sure you sign up as a student and use the "word" esbhs wright.  After you have submitted an assignment, send me an email so I can provide you with feedback.

Earth Challenge 2020- Join a citizen science effort to protect our planet.  Students, researchers, and organizations large and small will be working together on this citizen science initiative to help advance environmental research.

An entire course online.  You can find activities for any unit we've covered so far.  Much of the work I assign will be from these links.  These activities are highly recommended.  Feel free to send me anything you complete for feedback!

Per your test grades, this was the most challenging unit for you so far.  This site provides 11 games to help you relearn the material.  ENJOY!