Audio and Video Resources
  • Antena 3--TV Programs from Spain
  • Audria--Level 3+ Podcasts
  • Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish  
    Travel the world with lawyer Raquel Rodríguez as she solves a mystery for a dying man. Watch the complete Destinos series, practice your Spanish, and find new resources for learning and teaching Spanish.              
  • Mi Vida Loca
    Mi Vida Loca takes you on an intrigue mystery adventure to Madrid and beyond in 22 episodes, around 10 min each, covering basic learning points for Spanish beginners.                                     
  • Notes In Spanish
    For all levesl. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced or Gold audio and podcasts (free on-line radio shows), provide authentic listening practice via completely natural conversations and interviews, covering interesting news, Spanish culture, current affairs, and travel.
  • Practica Español
    News articles, integrated exercises based on different language acquisition levels, explanations of the finer grammar points, interviews with musicians                                                                          
  • Radio Naciones Unidas
    UN News reports in Spanish                                     
  • Radioteca
    Audios in Spanish covering a wide range of topics.                       
  • Radiotelevisión española
    Spanish Public Radio and TV                                                   
  • University of TX at Austin
    -A compilation of brief video clips, sorted by fluency level, in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks.                 
  • Univision
    Novelas, TV Series, and News Programs                                             



  • El Castellano
    Dictionaries from around the Spanish-speaking world and "specialty" dictionaries.                    
  • Real Academia Española
    Institution that is in charge of the Spanish Language                  
  • SpanishDict                                                                                   
    Spanish-English Dictionary
  • Word Reference
    Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary. Also has forums to delve further in to idiomatic expressions and usage from around the Spanish-speaking world.                                                                         

Grammar Resources

  • 20,000 words in 20 minutes                                                                            
    Grammar and Vocabulary lists grouped by topic.
  • Accents
    Exercises to practice the placement of accents.                                              
  • Bowdoin College Spanish
    A collection of resources (practice exercises and explanations) for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish
  • Colby Spanish Exercises
    Interactive and self-correcting grammar practice                                          
    Beginner to Intermediate-Practice exercises sorted by grammatical themes                   
  • Diccionario urgente de dudas
    Advanced level-Spanish style manual                                                  
  • El blog para aprender español
    Intermediate to Advanced-Grammar explanations, practice, and pronunciation.                          
  • Fred F. Jehle's 2nd Year Spanish Page
    Detailed Grammar Explanations                                            
  • Gramática Española
    Advanced--Explanations of various grammar points IN SPANISH                                        
  • Grammar Drills from Columbia University                                          
  • News in Slow Spanish-Catalog of Grammar Lessons 
    Grammar in dialogs with explanations and practice                     
  • News in Slow Spanish-Catalog of Spanish Expressions
    Expressions and Proverbs in dialogs with explanations and practice   
  • Práctica en español
    Advanced Spanish-explanations and practice with the finer grammar points.
  • Profe de ELE
    The "Estudiantes" page has grammar resources in addition to a multitude of other categories to practice listening, reading, and writing.
    Grammar explanations AND practice quizzes                  
  • Trinity University
    Grammar practice exercises                                                     


Reading Resources

  • BBC Mundo                                                   
  • CNN en español                                                          
  • El Castellano
    News about the Spanish Language                        
  • El País
    Spanish-language newspaper from Spain                          
  • España es cultura
    Quick blurbs about various Spanish cultural topics (monuments, museums, traditions, etc...)              
  • HOLA Magazine
    Tabloid Magazine from Spain (Similar to "People Magazine")                 
  • Laminas
    Illustrated Summary Sheets on Various Topics                               
  • La noche de letras
    Download the 'revista' to read selections from new literary voices in the Spanish-speaking world.      
  • Literatura de UNAM
    Stories and Poems from UNAM                                              
  • Practica Español
    News articles, integrated exercises based on different language acquisition levels, explanations of the finer grammar points, interviews with musicians                                                          
  • Revista "Donde dice..."
    Articles about the 'proper' use of Spanish.                        
  • The Paperboy
    Links to Online Newspapers from Around the World   
  • VeinteMundos
    Intermediate to Advanced online news magazine with cultural topics.                               

What's Your Level???

  • AATSP-National Spanish Exam
    Past Exams that test listening, reading, vocabulary, and grammar.      
  • Aula Diez
    For all levels: Test de inicio
    Intermediate to Advanced: test de verification de intermedio y de avanzado                                   
  • Don Quijote-Spanish Level Test
    5 Levels from beginner to advanced. It moves you along based on what you score.                      
  • Instituto Cervantes
    Questions adapt to gauge proficiency                                   
  • Transparent Language--Test based on Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension