Biology Students and Families,

Distance learning resources are available at the link to the Google Drive below. Instructions for use of this Google Drive and the files contained therein have been emailed to students and parents.

Students can also join my Khan Academy High School Biology class for additional practice resources where I can track student progress. The class code to join on the Khan Academy website is: 

Please note that all materials provided are optional, in that they are not graded and students will not be penalized if they are not able to complete them. With that said, if students are able to complete some work, it will benefit them by reinforcing their prior learning and by giving them additional exposure to the content. We will be reassessing learning targets for Unit 7 and Unit 8 in order to finalize Marking Period 3 grades by 4/23. From 4/24 until the end of the academic school year (6/12), we will continue with optional activities and "calasses" -- see information at the bottom of this page.

Additionally, all courses have been asked to provide an update of the standards that have been taught already in the course. The PDF document below indicates all the learning targets we have covered thus far in biology, with detailed explanations of each. The very end of the document lists out the learning targets for the two units of study that we have not yet covered. These are for your reference. Let me know if you have any specific questions about our progression in biology.

Biology Learning Targets Covered as of 03-13-2020.pdf

I hope you all are staying safe and well.


Chelsea Bollinger

Update as of Monday, April 13th, 2020:
Mrs. Bollinger’s Distance Biology Schedule, April 14th – May 1st 2020.pdf