Students' grades in Geometry for the year will be calculated as an average of Marking Period 1, Marking Period 2, and Marking Period 3. Any work assigned after 3/13 and throughout Marking Period 4 will be optional and ungraded.

Marking Period 3 Grades:

The end of Marking Period 3 has been extended to Friday, April 24. Students have the following opportunities to improve their Marking Period 3 grade:
  • Turn in any missing work. SOL Questions for Unit 6, Unit 7, and Unit 8 can be found under Files and Documents. Students can e-mail me their work and answers.
  • Retake any test section, which can also be used to replace quiz scores of the corresponding standards. Information regarding retakes was e-mailed out to students and parents. Students can also e-mail me directly to request a retake of a particular standard.
Any missing work or retakes must be completed by 4/24.

Virtual Schoolhouse starting week of 4/13/20:

Our class will be using Khan Academy to review material through the remainder of the school year. Information about how to join our class through Khan Academy was e-mailed out to students and parents. Work will be assigned through Khan Academy to include videos, practice problems, and quizzes of review material. This work is recommended, but is optional and ungraded.

Additional (optional) work will be posted under Files and Documents.

Virtual Schedule:

Geometry work is recommended to be completed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10am. Work will be assigned each week through Khan Academy by Tuesday at 9am.

I am available for Office Hours via e-mail on Tuesdays from 12-2pm. Feel free to e-mail me at other times as well and I will respond as soon as I can. E-mailing during office hours just guarantees a quicker response.