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  • Cutting through the library is not permitted, as it disrupts teaching and learning.
  • Before school, students may visit without a pass. The library opens at 7:00 a.m.
  • During regular hours, a pass is required with a name, time, and destination. Students must sign-in upon entering.
  • Students coming from Lunch do not need a pass. Sign-in required.
  • After school the library is open until 3:00 p.m. Sign-in required.
  • Adjustments to schedule may be made due to meetings/commitments of the staff.

Technology Use

  • All Prince William County Acceptable Use & Internet Safety Policies are enforced.
  • All personal electronic devices must be set to silent or vibrate mode.
  • Students may use headphones/earbuds, but must be able to hear library staff instructions as needed.
  • Student work should only be saved to your Office 365 Account or a flash/thumb drive.
  • Students may not take pictures or record video in the library without receiving prior permission from library staff.
  • Students should not make or receive personal phone calls in the library.  
  • See library staff if you must step out for restroom use, personal phone calls, or any other emergency.


  • Students may check out five items at a time for up to two weeks.
  • Students may not check out if they have any overdue items or fines.
  • There are no late fees for overdue books, but fines will be given for damaged or lost books. Fines must be paid in paper currency or check - no coins or credit card.
  • Black & white printing is available from any computer.  The first five pages of B&W printing are free and $0.05 for each additional page.
  • Color printing is available for $0.25 per side.  Color print jobs must be prepaid then emailed to a member of the library staff.
  • Electronic resources & databases are available.  Passwords are required if accessing from home - see a member of the library staff for a bookmark.  
  • E-books are available using your Network Login.  See a member of the library staff if you need assistance.
  • Additional resources are available online at the PWC Public Library using your card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a pass to come to the library?
Students may use the library during the school day with a library pass, an agenda pass, or an official school  pass.  A pass is not required to use the library during lunch periods or after school.

Are food and drinks permitted?
Food and drinks, including water not in a spill-proof bottle, are not allowed and must be checked just inside the door on the small tables installed for that purpose.  
How much does it cost to print?
A black & white printer is networked to all computers.  The first five pages of printing are free every day. After that, there is a 5 cent charge per page.  Using "print preview" will ensure that you do not print out unneeded pages; you must pay for all of the pages you print or you will receive none.  

A color printer is also now available.  This printer is not networked to any student computers.  Each side costs $0.25.  Plan ahead - you must email your document to a member of the library staff to print for you.

How many items may I check out?
Students without overdue books or fines may check out five items at a time for up to two weeks, and may renew throughout the school year as long as no one else has placed a hold on those items.  

What may I check out?

Students may check out any book or audio-book on the shelves and displays.   There is no Reference section.  
NOTE: The library does not control what selections students make.  If a parent wants to limit his/her child's selections in any way, that is between the parent and child.  The library will not place any restrictions on a student's selections that have nothing to do with the circulation policy (see previous question).

Somebody has checked out the book I want.  Now what?
See a member of the library staff to place an electronic hold or log into the Destiny catalog using your SLMS login information.

Last Updated:6/10/20