Important Announcements for 2019-2020:

Attention students!

Did you complete Behind-the-Wheel or Classroom Driver's Education training at Battlefield High School during this school year? 


When information becomes available regarding behind-the-wheel programs beginning again we will schedule classes as soon as possible. Scheduling priority will be offered to students who started the behind-the-wheel program and were unable to complete the program due to the school closure, and for students who were already scheduled and paid for the program.

Students who wish to obtain their TDL-180 Day license with an eligibility date over the summer before August 25, 2020 will need to complete all requirements and turn in all documentation to Mrs. Link by the end of the school year.  On June 5 from 1:00-5:00 pm and June 15 from  9:00am - 12:00 pm at the Football Stadium Ticket Booth, the TDL will need to be signed by the student and then issued to the student’s parent with the expectation that the parent will hold the license until the eligibility date arrives.  Students who do not complete the requirements prior to the end of the school year must wait until the following school year to receive the TDL-180 Day license.  Please be advised that TDL-180 day licenses WILL NOT be issued during the summer unless enrolled in  Summer Behind the Wheel

STUDENTS WHO COMPLETED CLASSROOM DRIVERS ED AT BHS:  All HPE II teachers will distribute DEC-District 8 cards to all eligible recipients during the school year that classroom Driver’s Education is completed.  *DEC-District 8 cards will be distributed on June 5 from 1:00-5:00 and June 15 from 9:00-12:00 for all eligible students who did not pick them up before March 13 at the Football Stadium Ticket Booth. *  If a DEC-District 8 card from a previous school year was not issued to a student, the student needs to speak with the teacher.   Please be advised that DEC-District 8 cards WILL NOT be distributed during the summer.

Do you have what it takes to drive safely on America’s most congested roadways?

Statistics prove that the PWCS Behind the Wheel Program consistently produces the safest teen drivers on Northern Virginia roads year after year!

Accidents do not happen, they are caused. Do your part to stay safe by enrolling in a program where you learn to drive safely from highly qualified EDUCATORS!

What is Behind the Wheel?

  • 14 hours of in-car instruction during a 7 day session
    • 7 hours driving with certified instructor
    • 7 hours observing another student driver with certified instructor
  • Road skills evaluation on day 7 of the session

Registration for Winter and Spring 2020 is now open!

 If you are looking to obtain your driver’s license, SIGN UP TODAY! The cost of this WORLD CLASS program taught by PWCS teachers certified in Driver’s Education is only $250.

Sessions are available after school or during your schedule PE class!  Check the specific page for more information and specific dates.

  • Register online at
  • Provide check or MO made payable to PWCS for $250 to Mrs. Link
    • *An ONLINE payment option is now available, please see the newsletter in the document container for information*
  • Must have a valid learner’s permit
  • Must be currently enrolled in HPE II or completed Classroom DE and hold a DEC-District 8 Card.
  • Drive a minimum of 10 hours with parent supervision.
  • Contact Krista Link at with questions