Hello! During this time as we figure out what our next steps will be, please find information using the proper Google Drive or Documents page for your class period. See under "Class Resources". Communication will be sent to emails listed in StudentVue and ParentVue. If you have any questions, please email me at chenay@pwcs.edu. 

Class Resources: 

       All class resources can be found on a shared Google Drive folder. Please use the links below to access them. 
       Pd 2+6 Biology I Documents: Click Here
       Pd 1+3 Biology II Documents: Click Here
       Pd 7: Please click on the "Documents" page to the right. 


1. Where can I find everything? 
  • Use the proper links listed above to access your class's information.
2. What can I do right now? 
  • I have created an instructional guide for all of the learning targets that we have covered so far. Please find it with your class's information. 

3. Can I still turn in missing assignments? 

  • Information regarding makeup work was sent through StudentVue and ParentVue. Please check your emails and let me know if you have any further questions. 

4. I still have a test to make up...what should I do? 

  • I am working on making these tests into virtual versions. Once those are completed, I will reach out to individual students who need to make up their test. These virtual versions will be accessed through Canvas, a learning platform. More information will be sent out soon. 

5. How do I complete retakes for the muscular and nervous system tests? Is the quarter test still happening?

  • Ah, the most asked question...I am working on setting up Canvas, a learning platform, for students to take virtual retakes. Instead of the previously done quarter tests, students will take a retake on individual learning targets at their own convenience. You will still only be able to take the retake once. More information on how to access Canvas and retakes will be sent in a later email. 
  • I will also send out a study guide for the retakes in the next few days. 

Class Schedule: 


Purple Days

Black Days


Biology II (Rm 2210)


Biology I (Rm 2126) Biology II (Rm 2210)


Planning Planning


Biology I (Rm. 2209) Biology I (Rm. 2208)