March 26, 2020

The links below provide the curriculum objectives for both Art History and Computer Art. The highlighted objectives are the ones that were previously covered (prior to March 13). 

Art History

Computer Art

 March 20, 2020

All class materials will be uploaded to our Microsoft Teams page (links below). Please keep these things in mind moving forward:

• To minimize student stress, there is NO new work being assigned and there will be no new graded work assigned until further notice. 
• All previous due dates are now pushed to April 14th
 (or beyond). 

• Work is OPTIONAL during this time. 
• The goal is to take this time to finish any missing work, I can provide feedback on anything you are working on, or supplement learning that we've already done.

Computer Art: assignments may require even further due dates or rework based on lack of programs- I understand this and will update you accordingly. 

If you have any questions about specific assignments or direction moving forward, please email me at

Ms. Cox
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