2019.20 In School Driver Education
Behind the Wheel Instruction

Back by popular demand, students will be able to complete Behind the Wheel during PE.  We believe this will be a valuable opportunity for students to complete the program without interrupting after-school time.  Instruction will follow the same format as after school sessions.  Sessions will be held for 8 periods while your class is in the gym for PE. 

Please log into https://www-pwcsdrivered-com.is.desdriven.com  and create an account choosing the Range and Road package for $250 and provide payment to Mrs. Link in order to secure a spot on our schedule.   Once payment is made, you will be added to the list for your scheduled PE period.  Please be advised that this schedule is not available on the Driver's Ed website, but needs to be confirmed with Mrs. Link. Once confirmed, your name will appear on the list below

Available Range and Road Instruction Dates:
(Quarter 1)

Range / Road
October 1-November 1
1st period                            2nd period
  Nicholas Paterniti                  Megan Webb               
  Nate Davis                             Luke Peterson
  Noelle O'Hara                        Noah Modesitt
  Bryce Hammersley                Vadin Bruot
                                              Bryce Lampert
3rd period                             4th period
   Scotty McMichael                    Roosevelt Jones
    McKenna Camire                    Abigail Caricofe

5th period                             6th period
  Courtney Lee                         Brady Bullock
  Danielle Posey                       Elizabeth Wild
  Hillarie Adams                       Adriel Rogers
  Peyton Brown                       Donovan McCall

7th period
  Celeste Legat
  Sandy Little
(Quarter 2)

Range / Road
December 13-January 24

*3 students per class*
1st period                              2nd period
   Lauren Maire                     Kaeli Luong
Matthew Tirrell                   Maya Mosley
Sarah Leresche                   Casey Grothoff

3rd period                              4th period
                                         Taylor Williams
                                            Morgan Lynch

Ryan Strotheide

5th period                              6th period
  Kendall Rosenburg               Gianna Pascarelli
  Maris Jones                         
Sophia High
  Winston Broiles      

7th period
  Riley McQuillan
  Luke Radecki
(Quarter 3)

Range / Road
February 26-March 27

*4 students per class*
1st period .                            2nd period
  Katherine Pauli                    Tamar Guberak
  Skylar Goehring                   Sharon Alexander
  Nina Jean Buckley
               Lubna Ashrifeh
  Garrett Dziekan                    Jacob Cole
                                             Aiden Leseman

3rd period                              4th period
Luke Hensel                             Amber Samsel
Brianna Cipriano                       Logan Davis
                                             Elyssia Brown

5th period                              6th period
  Lauren Wittenberg               Ella Morrow
  Grace Morrow                       Jordan Lynott
  Jason Pool                            Jana Gottschalk
  Easton Kite                           Cohen McNabb                       

7th period   
  Julia McKinnon 
  Madison Smith   
  Jenni Cerritos-Romero   
  Sabrina Yap   
(Quarter 4)

Range / Road
May 11-June 8

*3 students per class*
1st period                              2nd period
   Jenna Panning                       Liana Ramos
   Spencer Briggs                      Zach Roberts
   Katie Do                                Anastasia Zola
                                                 Jade Jackson

3rd period                             4th period
                                            Tulio Ceballos
                                               Kara Wann
                                               Angie Nguyen

5th period                             6th period
Madyson Machak                  Wendy Chou
Lacey Edelman                      Savannah Shingler
Aidyn O'Hanna                      Ella Repass

7th period
 Olivia Clark


 A student is required to attend the scheduled days for instruction. If you cannot commit to the scheduled meeting dates and times, please schedule a different session.  Missing days of instruction may cause the student to not meet the required time of instruction, delays in the licensing process, and forfeiture of the $250 fee. Rescheduling of missed days will be on availability only.

Before reporting to your first Range appointment:

  • Student must have a VA Learner’s Permit
  • Please complete a minimum of 10 hours of driving with parent supervision.
  • Classroom completion documentation, DEC-District 8 card, or enrollment in HPE II.
  • Please meet your instructor at the DE Tower located on the Driver’s Ed lot at your scheduled time.

At the Conclusion of the Road Instruction:

  • A road skills test will be administered
  • Driving Instructor will issue 180 Day Temporary Driver’s License (TDL-180) upon successful completion of all licensing requirements.

If you have questions, please contact Krista Link, Driver Education Coordinator at linkkl@pwcs.edu