Attention Seniors! Don't forget to complete the Senior Survey.
Each year all high schools in Prince William County are required to gather survey data from every member of the senior class regarding post-secondary plans, college acceptance, and scholarship awards.  The information that is gathered is reported to the division and the state. 

All seniors at Battlefield High School must complete the senior survey on Family Connection
Once logged in, students can find the survey in the top left corner of the "About Me" section.  It is called BHS Senior Survey and should take the students no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Any student who cannot get logged in to Family Connection should see his/her counselor or one of the counseling secretaries for assistance.  Students who do not have computer access at home may use one of the computers in the Career Center to take the survey.

Completion of the survey is a senior obligation. Students will not be able to complete senior check out if they have not completed a survey. Make sure that you take care of this obligation promptly.