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Planning in 1313 (Men's HPE office)
Planning in 1313 (Men's HPE office)


HPE1 (PE in Gym, Health in 1302) HPE1 (PE in Gym, Health in 1302)


HPE1 (PE in Gym, Health in 1302) HPE1 (PE in Gym, Health in 1302)


HPE1 (PE in Gym, Health in 1302)

Office Hours:
Blocks 6/7 in 1313

Mr. Nemerow is available for after school help from 2:00-2:30 PM, Monday-Friday, by appointment.

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Students participate in classroom instruction and team activities designed to develop positive attitudes toward personal fitness and to assist them in acquiring knowledge and skill necessary to maintain personal fitness for a lifetime.  Fifty percent of the course focuses on classroom instruction in fitness, nutrition, mental health, functioning body, family relationships, disease prevention and control, and substance abuse prevention.

***Materials needed***
P.E. ---- Battlefield HS PE uniforms/solid gray shirt and solid black shorts.  Tennis shoes mandatory!  Students can wear gear from a Battlefield sport or club in lieu of a PE uniform.
Health--- All Students need to have a composition or spiral notebook that is dedicated exclusively to health class.


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