Mrs Bacon

Class Schedule: 

Class Schedule: 
Tuesday and Thursday 9 -10
Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday 9 - 10

Review Material for Geometry & AFDA have been added in the files and documents.  I will be sending emails about finishing tests or doing retakes on old tests from the 3rd quarter.  I am going to be posting links to videos that you can use for review of material as well. 


Black Days


Purple Days


Rm 2102
2 Planning
Rm 2102

5 Geometry
Rm 2102
 4 Geometry 
Rm 2102
7 Planning

6 Geometry
Rm 2102


How to download the Casio FX-9860GII calculator for free with a 90 day trial

Click the link above and follow all directions

Or click this you tube video and watch the way it is downloaded here.

Disclaimer- Please make sure you have your parent’s permission prior to downloading any additional information onto your computer/device. Parental permission is required prior to following any of the directions below.

There are other ways that you can compute any of the information that you have to complete for this class:

Any iphone or android device has a scientific calculator (press the CTRL button and put the mouse over the link to activate)


In addition, make sure you have a computer protection software scan in place to ensure that your computer does not get any viruses. We will not be held responsible for any malware that could be placed on your computer device as a part of this optional computation support. We recommend running a scan on your device immediately upon downloading to ensure your computer is safe. Thank you.