What have we learned in Astronomy so far?

  • Check out this document for the learning targets.
  • We have covered Learning Targets 1-9
  • The Astronomy Documents link on the left hand side of this page has most lectures from what we've done so far this year. 
  • Stay tuned to this page for updates and activities to try. 
  • Stay tuned to your PWCS email.

What should I be doing for class? 

  • Check your PWCS email daily!
  • Complete the Challenges found on Canvas

UPDATE 4/13/2020- CANVAS Link Change- Please read below!

I am moving everything from the Canvas we’ve been using to the Canvas PWCS has purchased for use by the district.  The PWCS version of Canvas will provide us with many more tools than the free version we are currently using including your Office 365 account integrated in Canvas and extensive help feature Canvas uses so you can get quick answers to your questions.  

From this point forward, please sign into your Office 365 account and find the Canvas App.  If it is not on the first screen you see, you may need to click on “All Apps”.  Once you see Canvas, choose it and it will take you to a Canvas dashboard will all your current classes.  You can also get to Canvas by going to https://pwcs.instructure.com/ and login like you would to Office 365.

Challenge 3- WEEK OF 4/13-4/24

  • Take/retake Sun Quiz
  • Take/retake Planets summative
  • All about Black Holes (Interactive, Video, Reading, and Discussion)
  • Meet Mrs. Wright in Canvas Conferences 4/13 from 11:30-12.  See your email for the join information. 
  • Follow Apollo 13 in real time- It's the 50th Anniversary! Go to https://apolloinrealtime.org/13/mobile/ to see the original footage.

 Check this page regularly for updates