Virginia Guilfoyle

Class Schedule for 2019-2020


Purple Days

Black Days


2nd Period:  Pre-AP Spanish III 1st Period:  AP Spanish V

FLEX A and B 3rd Period:  Pre-AP Spanish III


4th Period:  Pre-AP Spanish III 5th Period:  Planning


6th Period:  Planning 7th Period:  Pre-AP Spanish III

Office Hours:
I'm generally available Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:10p-3:00p for extra help and makeups, but students MUST check with me prior to staying after school to avoid any conflicts in scheduling and to verify my location since I am float among several classrooms.

Access to Classroom Resources and Accounts:

For all of my classes, students will need to access the TEAMS application available through their Office 365 account.  Once in the TEAMS application, students will be able to see our specific class listed.  There students will have access to our class WIKI which should be used to review the agenda for each class, and, as such, it includes information about class activities, homework assignments, links to videos, and the dates of upcoming benchmark assessments, projects, and quizzes.  Any handouts, WORD documents, PowerPoints, PDFs of readings, and audio files used in the class are found under the FILES tab in the TEAMS application for the students' convenience.

The "Useful Links" hyperlink at the left of this page lists many websites that are helpful resources for authentic listening and reading practice as well as grammar explanations and drills.  There are also reliable online dictionaries listed and sites to assess what is your current level of Spanish.

The Hub

The Hub, a new portal for students, parents, and teachers, will make it easier to access educational information.  Students and parents may view grades in real-time through their accounts on StudentVUE and ParentVUE.