ELP: English Learner Program         

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The English Learner Program (ELP) at Battlefield High School is content-driven. The courses available to students for whom English is a second or third language focus on English Learners’ proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as their content knowledge and use of study, test-taking, research and technology skills. Limited English Proficient (LEP) students, level 1 to level 4, including those who are also considered English Learners with Disabilities (EL SWD) receive direct instruction in English and academic content to develop their language competency and meet academic content standards in order to fulfill the county and state graduation requirements. English Learners who are level 6, and those students who have opted out of the program, take mainstream classes and are not federally required to receive any direct instruction from the ELP staff; some however, do continue to receive content and English language support as necessary.  Their progress is monitored and their proficiency level is evaluated every spring to determine proper placement and/or re-entry into the program.

Aside from the self-contained English for Academic Purposes, English Language Development 9 for English 9, English Language Development 10 for English 10, English Language Development 11 for English 11, Academic Literacy, Survey of World History, General Science and Algebra Readiness courses currently in place, Battlefield also offers several sheltered and co-taught courses, including: English 9, English 10, English 11, Algebra 1,Geometry, World History I, US/VA History, US/VA Government, Earth Science and Biology. These courses are taught by mainstream content area teachers and ESOL certified teachers, by ESOL teachers with certification in the content areas of English Language Arts, math, science or history, or by content teachers trained in EL techniques and knowledge of second language acquisition research and instructional strategies.

All English Learners (ELs) at Battlefield are welcome to take advantage of after school tutoring sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, or at the discretion of the two full-time ESOL teachers on staff, and the content area teachers trained in EL techniques, as well as sessions with fellow peers who are members of several content and language honor societies. Battlefield’s English Learner Program team works closely with everyone on staff to ensure that all English Learners have a positive, welcome and successful academic school year!


Common Abbreviations

Students are referred to as:

EL English Learner
EL SWD         English Learners with Disabilities
LEP       Limited English Proficient

Programs: ELP     English Learner Program                    

Level of English Proficiency:      ELP     English Language Proficiency

Courses taught to ELs focus on:

ELD   English Language Development (English Language)  & 
Sheltered Instruction (Content)

Classification & Service Delivery Requirements of ELs

  • LEVEL 1-3      2 periods of direct English instruction & at least 1 period of math, science, English or history with language support

  • LEVEL 4- 1 period of direct English instruction & at least 1 period of math, science, English or history with language support


  • LEVEL 6 Yr. 1/Yr. 2-  Tested out but would still benefit from 1 period of content class with language support.  Have strong oral communication skills, similar to native English speakers. Students still struggle w/writing and reading at grade level; Pre-AP/AP = extremely challenging

Update 17-18: Are allowed to have bilingual dictionary and English dictionary in class and when taking the SOLs!

  • Opt-out- Family has Refused English Learner services. Needs instructional and test/quiz accommodations

  • Dually-Identified- Student is eligible for English Learner and Special Education Services

Must receive direct ELP and Special Education instruction and at least 1 period of math, science, English or history with language and Special Education support.


Successful EL Classroom Accommodations

      Instructional Accommodations        

  • Encourage use of native language  
  • Extended time on written assignments
  • Include speaking/reading/writing tasks in all lessons
  • Use of simple language
  • Highlight key vocabulary/word walls
  • Seating near the board and/or teacher
  • Modeling/pointing/use of gestures
  • Study buddy or partner
  • Visuals and graphic organizers
  • Bilingual dictionary/electronic translator
  • Flashcards/review sheets/outlines
  • Copy of lectures/notes/presentations
  • Simplification of oral/written directions
  • Interactive notebooks/journals/foldables
  • Alternative assessments/Pencil-paper assignments for students with limited (or no) computer access
  • Opportunities to re-take quizzes/tests

Testing Accommodations:
Audio/read aloud
Clarification of directions
Use of bilingual and/or English dictionary