Internet Safety & Digital Literacy
at Battlefield High School

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Common Sense Media

This organization has provided outstanding resources for parents on howto navigate our media-rich 21st century world, and how to ensurestudents are becoming responsible, safe, and effective consumers ofdigital media. Click here to view the Parent Resources area of Common Sense Media.

Here are some direct links to videos from the Parent Advice area:October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The Department of Homeland Security has posted a website to help families learn more about how to stay safe online.

Internet Filtering at Battlefield

At Battlefield, the Office of Instructional Technology and our SchoolSecurity team take the safety of children on the internet veryseriously. Prince William County Schools Regulation 295-1(pdf) governs the appropriate use of school computer systems, and weadhere to the principles of these expectations to the best of ourability.

The county uses Blue Coat filter technology to comply with our federal mandate under the Children's Internet Protection Act,or CIPA. This national requirement compels schools to provide basicfiltering against obscenity, pornography, and materials harmful tominors, as well as basic protections against network security issueslike hacking. This filter is maintained by the PWCS Department ofInformation Technology Services at the school division level.

There is a great deal of debate amongst educators about balancing theneed to proactively and meaningfully instruct children in media consumerskills that are so critical in a 21st century digital environment andthe need to proactively and meaningfully protect children from potentialexposure to illegal, illicit, or harmful materials. It is important forall of us who are involved in a child's development to play our part inhelping strike this balance, and to keep our communities safe andsecure.

As such, we invite you - student and parent alike! - to examine thesematerials to learn more about staying safe in the digital frontier.

NetSmartz, Presented by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Website: NetSmartz for Teenagers
Website: NetSmartz for Parents/Guardians
Website: NetSmartz for Law Enforcement

These links coming soon:

Presentation Installer: NetSmartz for Teenagers
Presentation Installer: NetSmartz for Parents/Guardians

Les invitamos a todos, padres y estudiantes, a examinar los siguientesmateriales para aprender cómo protegerse en el mundo tecnológico. Hagaclick en cualquiera de los enlaces a continuación para ver una versiónen español.

Presentation Installer: NetSmartz for Teenagers en Español
Presentation Installer: NetSmartz for Parents/Guardians en Español

Controlling Access to Specific Sites

Internet Explorer 6 and later users can use the Content Advisor to provide basic blocking for specific websites.