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Battlefield High School Counseling Contact Information:

 Julie A. Byrne  Director  [email protected]  
 Stephanie McGann  A - Bra  [email protected]  
 Angela Wolf  Bre - Dam  [email protected]  
 Terry Harbolick  Dan - Gip  [email protected]  
 Trilaina McCallum  Gir - Jol  [email protected]  
 Linda Dick  Jom - Li  [email protected]  
 Matt Sisson  Ll - Na  [email protected]  
Monique Marsh  Nea - Riu  [email protected]  
 Vanessa Smith  Riv - S  [email protected]  
 Justin Woodside  T - Z  [email protected]  
 TBD  Career Counselor    
 Rianne Connelly  Secretary  [email protected] 703.743.3686
 Emily Drzewicki  Secretary  [email protected]  703.743.3712 
 Tammy DeGrood  Registrar  [email protected] 703.743.3706

PWCS will no longer email, mail, or fax educational records. To request records, please visit the Scrib Transfer site.

Counseling Center fax: 703.753.5607
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