Updated: 02/25/20

Note:   Staff members with (NBCT) after their name are National Board Certified Teachers.

Staff Listing (SY 2020-21)


Art Department - Performing Arts

Name Title Email Address
 Britcher, Michael  Band Director  BritchMA@pwcs.edu
 Burney, Douglas  Department Chair
 Choral Director
 James, Ashley  Theatre Director  JamesAN@pwcs.edu
 Scully, Edward  Orchestra Director  ScullyJE@pwcs.edu


Art Department - Visual Arts

Name Title Email Address
 Burns, Suzanne  Teacher  BurnsSS@pwcs.edu
 Cox, Jessica  Teacher  CoxJR@pwcs.edu
 Goetz, Maureen  Department Chair  GoetzMA@pwcs.edu
 McGaugh, Michael  Teacher  McGaugMR@pwcs.edu
 Taylor, Michelle  Teacher  TaylorMS@pwcs.edu


Career and Technology Education

Name Title Email Address
 Ahmad, Sadia  Teacher  AhmadSM@pwcs.edu
 Bills, Randall  Teacher  BillsRA@pwcs.edu
 Bishop, George  Teacher  BishopGD@pwcs.edu
 Chrisinger, John  Teacher  ChrisiJL@pwcs.edu
 Cockey, Jaime  Teacher  CockeyJL@pwcs.edu
 Endreola, Kelley  Teacher  EndreoKJ@pwcs.edu
 Homan, Amy  Teacher  HomanAG@pwcs.edu
 Mangano, Christina  Teacher  ManganCN@pwcs.edu
 McKee-Acevedo, Jennifer  Department Co-Chair  MckeeaJI@pwcs.edu 
 Perez, Rebecca  Teacher  PerezRJ@pwcs.edu
 Proctor, Ted  Teacher  ProctoTS@pwcs.edu
 Smith, Jennifer  Teacher  SmithJS@pwcs.edu
 Spudic, Michael  Teacher  SpudicMX@pwcs.edu
 Street, Kamau  Department Co-Chair  StreetKA@pwcs.edu


CASIIT - Center for Applied Sciences, Interactive and Information Technology

Name Title Email Address
 Bohuslov, Diana  Teacher  BohuslDW@pwcs.edu
 Burns, Suzanne  Teacher  BurnsSS@pwcs.edu
 Carlson, Rachelle  Teacher   CarlsoRA@pwcs.edu
 Carney, Karen  Teacher  CarneyKR@pwcs.edu
 Clarke, Colleen  Teacher  ClarkeCN@pwcs.edu
 Cox, Jessica  Teacher  CoxJR@pwcs.edu
 Drake, Gail  Department Chair  DrakeGD@pwcs.edu
 Evers, Stephanie  Teacher  EversSL@pwcs.edu
 Goetz, Maureen  Teacher  GoetzMA@pwcs.edu
 Houser, Bethany  Teacher  HouserBL@pwcs.edu
 McGaugh, Michael  Teacher  McGaugMR@pwcs.edu
 Meermans, Brian  Teacher  MeermaBR@pwcs.edu
 Metts, Tom  Teacher  MettsTR@pwcs.edu
 Moffat, Gabriela  Teacher  MoffatGR@pwcs.edu
 Shepard, Brian  Teacher  SheparBN@pwcs.edu
 Taylor, Michelle  Teacher  TaylorMS@pwcs.edu


English Learner Programs and Services

Name Title Email Address
 Atkins, Sally   (NBCT)  EL Coordinator
 Teacher (English, Math, Science)
 Kavanaugh, Debbie  Teacher (English, Social Studies)  KavanaDA@pwcs.edu


Gifted Education Department

Name Title Email Address
 Burke, Gina  Teacher  BurkeGK@pwcs.edu
 Edwards, Lianne  Gifted Teacher  EdwardLK@pwcs.edu
 King, Ben  Teacher  KingBR@pwcs.edu


Health & Physical Education Department (Inc. Driver’s Education)

Name Title Email Address
 Bills, Randall  Teacher  BillsRA@pwcs.edu
 Burkhart, Jay  Teacher  BurkhaJB@pwcs.edu
 Cadolino, Steve  Teacher  CadoliSX@pwcs.edu
 Donelan, Samantha  Department Co-Chair  DonelaSL@pwcs.edu
 Girolmo, Scott  Teacher  GirolmSM@pwcs.edu
 Johnson, Mark  Teacher  JohnsoMA@pwcs.edu
 Link, Krista  Teacher  LinkKL@pwcs.edu
 Mello, Robert  Teacher  MelloRJ@pwcs.edu
 Nemerow, Nathan  Department Co-Chair  NemeroNC@pwcs.edu
 Ward, Lisa  Teacher  WardLA@pwcs.edu


Instructional Resources

Name Title Email Address
 Johnson, Louis  Instructional Technology Coach  JohnsoLR@pwcs.edu
 McMaster, Cathi  Librarian  McMastCJ@pwcs.edu
 Tierney, Karen  Librarian  TierneKE@pwcs.edu


JROTC - Air Force

Name Title Email Address
 Shuler, SMSGT David  Teacher  ShulerDT@pwcs.edu
 Vasenko, Col Dan  Department Chair  VasenkDA@pwcs.edu


Language Arts Department

Name Title Email Address
 Anderson, Beth  Teacher  AndersBA@pwcs.edu
 Bridges, Jared  Teacher  BridgeJ@pwcs.edu
 Burke, Gina  Teacher  BurkeGK@pwcs.edu
 Crivelli, Karrie  Teacher  CrivelKA@pwcs.edu
 Graves, Julie  Department Chair  GravesJV@pwcs.edu
 James, Ashley Teacher JamesAN@pwcs.edu
 Johnson, Ruth  Teacher  JohnsoRE@pwcs.edu
 Kearns, Michelle  Teacher  KearnsML@pwcs.edu
 Kelly, Lisa  Teacher  KellyLF@pwcs.edu
 Kovacs, Karen  Teacher  KovacsKA@pwcs.edu
 Lopresti, Jessica  Teacher  LopresJR@pwcs.edu
 Michalewicz Ell, Paulina  Teacher  MichalPI@pwcs.edu
 O'Connor, Briana  Teacher  OconnoBM@pwcs.edu
 Panagakos, Jennifer  Teacher  PanagaJA@pwcs.edu
 Patsalosavvis, Daphne  Teacher  PatsalDK@pwcs.edu
 Pool, Diana (NBCT)  Teacher  PoolDJ@pwcs.edu
 Provenzano, Brandie (NBCT)  Teacher  ProvenBS@pwcs.edu
 Railsback, Larissa  Teacher  RailsbLL@pwcs.edu
 Rylands, Mary-Kate  Teacher  RylandMK@pwcs.edu
 Scheffel, Holley  Teacher  ScheffHA@pwcs.edu
 Volk, Eric  Teacher  VolkE@pwcs.edu
 Wooller, Jennifer  Teacher  WoolleJS@pwcs.edu


Name Title Email Address
 Jamie Marsh (NBCT)  Literacy Coach  MarshJJ@pwcs.edu


Mathematics Department

Name Title Email Address
 Atkins, Sally  Teacher  AtkinsSN@pwcs.edu
 Bacon, Katharine  Teacher  BaconKE@pwcs.edu
 Burns, Deanne  Teacher  BurnsDF@pwcs.edu
 Carlson, Rachelle  Teacher  CarlsoRA@pwcs.edu
 Gianelle, Claire  Teacher  GianelCE@pwcs.edu
 Hedden, Deborah  Teacher  HeddenDL@pwcs.edu
 Homan, Wesley  Teacher  HomanWB@pwcs.edu
 Houser, Bethany  Teacher  HouserBL@pwcs.edu
 Huddle, Joseph  Teacher  HuddleJC@pwcs.edu
 Jones, Rachel  Teacher  JonesRJ@pwcs.edu
 Joyave, Lauren  Teacher  JoyaveLT@pwcs.edu
 King, Benjamin  Department Chair  KingBR@pwcs.edu
 Mac Mahon, Steve  Teacher  MacMahSJ@pwcs.edu
 Maula, Lauren  Teacher  MaulaLM@pwcs.edu
 May, Lea  Teacher  MayLJ@pwcs.edu
 Meermans, Brian  Teacher  MeermaBR@pwcs.edu
 Metts, Tom Teacher  MettsTR@pwcs.edu
 Miller, Deana  Teacher  MillerDE@pwcs.edu
 Mills, Abigail  Teacher  MillsAL@pwcs.edu
 Moffat, Gabriela  Teacher  MoffatGR@pwcs.edu
 O'Leary, April  Teacher  OLearyAM@pwcs.edu
 Shepard, Brian (NBCT)  Teacher  SheparBN@pwcs.edu
 Weber, Dawn  Teacher  WeberDX@pwcs.edu
 Wolf, Kevin  Teacher  WolfKR@pwcs.edu



Name Title Email Address
 White, Kris  Teacher  WhiteKB@pwcs.edu


Science Department

Name Title Email Address
 Atherton-Mellish, Jillian  Teacher AthertJL@pwcs.edu
 Autrey, Sandra  Teacher AutreySJ@pwcs.edu
 Bollinger, Chelsea  Teacher  BollinCL@pwcs.edu
 Carney, Karen (NBCT)  Teacher  CarneyKR@pwcs.edu
 Chen, Anna  Teacher  ChenAY@pwcs.edu
 Esteban, Amanda (NBCT)  Department Co-Chair  EstebaAJ@pwcs.edu
 Hammel, Meghan  Teacher  HammelML@pwcs.edu
 Hursh, Jennifer  Department Co-Chair  HurshJC@pwcs.edu
 Jaiswal, Anshu  Teacher  JaiswaA@pwcs.edu
 Johnson, Christy Teacher  JohnsCL@pwcs.edu
 Linton, Erik  Teacher  LintonEA@pwcs.edu
 Marsh, Kevin  Teacher  MarshKJ@pwcs.edu
 McLeod, Alyse  Teacher  McleodAR@pwcs.edu
 Schwebach, Reid  Teacher  SchwebR@pwcs.edu
 Scoggin, Berkley Teacher ScoggiBS@pwcs.edu
 Spudic, Michael  Teacher  SpudicMX@pwcs.edu
 Thumser, Istana  Teacher  ThumseIC@pwcs.edu
 Utter, Rebecca (NBCT)  Teacher  UtterRJ@pwcs.edu
 Woollum, Charles  Teacher WoolluCR@pwcs.edu
 Wright, Kimberley  Teacher  WrightKA@pwcs.edu


Social Studies Department

Name Title Email Address
 Adkins, Michele  Teacher  AdkinsCM@pwcs.edu
 Calloway, Jr., Joseph  Teacher  CallowJM@pwcs.edu
 Coughlin, Timothy  Teacher  CoughlTJ@pwcs.edu
 Cunningham, Peter  Teacher  CunninPA@pwcs.edu
 Davis, Stephen  Teacher  DavisSE@pwcs.edu
 Dittmer, Stephen  Teacher  DittmeSJ@pwcs.edu
 Duley, Emily  Teacher  DuleyEC@pwcs.edu
 Fair, Donald  Department Chair  FairDE@pwcs.edu
 Fronckel, Michael  Teacher  FronckMC@pwcs.edu
 Ganow, Brittany  Teacher  GanowBN@pwcs.edu
 Hilton, Kevin  Teacher  HiltonKR@pwcs.edu
 Kramer, Amy  Teacher  KramerAR@pwcs.edu
 Lechner, Jamie  Teacher  LechneJH@pwcs.edu
 Maiuri, Karen  Teacher  MaiuriKL@pwcs.edu
 Orrell, Mickey  Teacher  OrrellML@pwcs.edu
 Pauly, Kurt  Teacher  PaulyKM@pwcs.edu
 Powell, Jonathan Teacher  PowellJB@pwcs.edu
 Quear, Michael  Teacher   QuearMW@pwcs.edu
 Rector, Wista  Teacher  RectorWJ@pwcs.edu
 Rohrbach, Matthew  Teacher  RohrbaMR@pwcs.edu
 Scheel, Julianne  Teacher  ScheelJE@pwcs.edu
 Schelzo, Joseph  Teacher  SchelzJE@pwcs.edu


Special Education Department

Name Title Email Address
 Beyer, Dana  Teacher  BeyerDC@pwcs.edu
 Brown, Kimberly  Teacher  BrownKA1@pwcs.edu
 Clark, Amanda  Teacher  DerfliAJ@pwcs.edu
 Cook, Melissa  Teacher  CookMQ@pwcs.edu
 Curtis, Robert Teacher  CurtisRF@pwcs.edu
 Deel, Bryan  Teacher  DeelBL@pwcs.edu
 Dennis, Emily  Teacher  DennisE@pwcs.edu
 Gindrow, Leslie   Teacher  GindrowLF@pwcs.edu
 Golden, Melissa  Teacher  GoldenMS@pwcs.edu
 Gupta, Komal  Teacher  GuptaKS@pwcs.edu
 Hartman, Heather  Teacher  HartmaHM@pwcs.edu
 Hill, Joy  Teacher  HillJX@pwcs.edu
 Huynh, Heather Teacher HuynhHL@pwcs.edu
 Kay, Andrew  Teacher KayAA@pwcs.edu
 Losi, Joanna  Speech  LosiJK@pwcs.edu
 Markiewicz, Takeya  Teacher  MarkieTS@pwcs.edu
 Price, Rebecca  Teacher  PriceRL@pwcs.edu
 Riddle, Heather  Department Co-Chair  RiddleHR@pwcs.edu
 Robbins, Bethany  Teacher  RobbinBA@pwcs.edu
 Robles, Kimberly Teacher  RoblesKD@pwcs.edu
 Shaffer, Brian  Teacher  ShaffeBR@pwcs.edu
 Suthers, David  Teacher  SutherDA@pwcs.edu
 Teschke, Stephanie  Department Co-Chair  TeschkSR@pwcs.edu
 Thompson, William  Teacher  ThompsWB@pwcs.edu
 Torres, Marissa  Teacher  TorresMO@pwcs.edu
 Wolf, Sara  Teacher  WolfSM@pwcs.edu
 Aleman, Sheila  Teacher Assistant  AlemanSR@pwcs.edu
 Forero, Renee  Teacher Assistant  ForeroRE@pwcs.edu
 Hansen, Laura  Teacher Assistant  HansenLA@pwcs.edu
 McCormack, Kathryn  Teacher Assistant  MccormKL@pwcs.edu
 Pope, Mia  Teacher Assistant  PopeMN@pwcs.edu


Student Services Staff

Name Title Email Address
 TBD  New Horizons Counselor   TBD
 Romano, Maureen  School Social Worker  RomanoMB@pwcs.edu
 Welteroth, Shannon  School Psychologist  WelterSL@pwcs.edu


Technology Support Staff

Name Title Email Address
 Schaming, Michael  Technology Support Specialist  SchamiME@pwcs.edu


World Languages Department

Name Title Email Address
 Bain, Dan  Teacher  BainDK@pwcs.edu
 Beirne, Joseph  Teacher  BeirneJA@pwcs.edu
 Bell, Dinah  Teacher  BellDR@pwcs.edu
 Clemence, Marilyn  Teacher  ClemenMT@pwcs.edu
 Escorcia, Edwin  Teacher  EscorcEA@pwcs.edu
 Guilfoyle, Virginia  Teacher  GuilfoVA@pwcs.edu
 Hildenbrand, Jennie  Teacher  HildenJH@pwcs.edu
 Housenger, Theresa  Teacher  HousenTR@pwcs.edu
 Lennon, Samantha  Department Chair  LennonSL@pwcs.edu
 Martin, Erica  Teacher  MartinE@pwcs.edu
 Nolan, Erin  Teacher  NolanEK@pwcs.edu
 Thorne, Ruth  Teacher  ThorneRH@pwcs.edu
 Wise, Nicole  Teacher  WiseNL@pwcs.edu
 Yount, Kendra  Teacher  YountKM@pwcs.edu