Battlefield High School is continuing our goal of increasing the community's understanding of bullying and harassment. Our security staff along with administration meets with all 9th grade physical education classes each October.

Battlefield High School is committed to creating a bullying free school.We will continue to provide a safe and optimum learning environment for all students.

Bullying Information

Bullying is the repeated intimidation of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical, verbal, written, electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, or through the attacks on the property of another. It may include such actions as verbal taunts, namecalling and put-downs, including ethnically based or gender-based verbal put downs, and extortion of money or possessions.

Types of Bullying

Physical bullying involves harmful actions against a student's body.Some examples are hitting or kicking. It also involves stealing or damaging another student's property. Verbal bullying involves a student speaking about another student in a way that is unkind or harmful. Some examples are teasing, name-calling, or spreading rumors. Non-verbal bullying refers to behaviors that embarrass another person. Some examples are leaving a student out of an event on purpose or making rude gestures. Cyber bullying is using electronic devices to send cruel text or pictures using the internet or other digital communication devices.Some examples are breaking into someone's email address or using a camera phone to take and send inappropriate pictures.

Bullying Prevention

Students have the responsibility to report any bullying incidents that occur in school. Some steps a student should take could include:
  • Reporting the incident to an administrator, teacher, guidance counselor, or security staff.
  • Completing a bullying and harassment form on page 26 of the Code of Behavior Booklet and submitting it to security.
  • Reporting a bullying incident by using the online link.
  • Call the PWC tip line at (703) 791-2821
PWCS Commitment to Bullying Prevention

Prince William County public schools are committed to creating a school environment that is free of bullying and harassment. The school administration will respond quickly and decisively to reported incidents of bullying.

Links to Further Information on Bullying
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