The most challenging team on campus!! The ILITE (Inspiring Leaders In Technology and Engineering) Team is an all inclusive Robotics team. 

At Battlefield High School we have two courses approved by the Virginia Department of Education in Engineering and Robotics.  The ILITE Robotics team supports the course structure of the school.  Students are ENCOURAGED to take the Robotics course to learn the Engineering of Robotics to be a member of the ILITE Teams. In a course, students are held accountable, learning is the focus, and skill sets are developed.  

There are some students that are members of the ILITE Robotics team that are not enrolled in our courses.  In many cases, these students have already completed the courses.  One additional opportunity available is open positions on the team.  Our team has 'positions', much like a sports team (like quarterback). Each year, seniors that are existing members apply for positions first, and those are appointment in the first two weeks of school year.  Next, underclass persons that are existing team members apply for positions; these are assigned in the second half of September.  We then post the open positions for the team,and accept applications.  Please look for this posting toward the end of September.  We will post this information in as many locations as allowed by the school in an effort to communicate with the entire student body. 

Last, if you are an adult, and would like to volunteer to work with these students, please contact Professor Drake.  

Professor Drake

Professor Drake Contact Information
Professor Drake
571-261-4726 (please do NOT disturb class)
Room 1164