The prices of school meals will be as follows for the 2016-17 school year:

Breakfast      $0.30 student reduced price
                    $1.45 student full price
                    Breakfast Menu

Lunch          $0.40 student reduced price
                   $2.70 high school student full price
                   $3.40 adult lunch
                   Lunch Menu

A la carte       $0.65 milk


Our “5 Star Meal Pattern” continues to be the basis for our program, ensuring that students receive a balanced nutritious meal.  Our meals offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, as well as whole grain products and those low in sodium, fat and zero trans fat.  We continue to search for products with fewer additives and preservatives—our chicken teriyaki served on our “main fare” lines is now a gluten free product; the popcorn chicken is an antibiotic free product.

The BOBCAT BISTRO serves a "grab n go" breakfast from 6:45am – 7:20am daily. This allows students to purchase their meal and take it to class when needed.

Information on all menus, as well as meal prices, free and reduced applications, nutritional and allergy information can be accessed on the Food Services Website. Allergy information is also posted in both the Commons & Enclosed cafeterias for review on site.

Payments to lunch accounts may be funded by cash or check at your school site. You may also make payments through the on line website Parents should make sure all student information is current—school site, grade etc.

Parents of free and reduced students are reminded to submit a new application for the current school year; last year’s eligibility will expire on expire October 16, 2015.  Students qualified for the program last year should receive applications either through e-mail or US mail.  Applications can be found on our website, and may be obtained through your school as well.
Parents are reminded that breakfast is also included in their free and reduced meal benefit.

Under PWCS Regulation 460-1 students are allowed to charge one complete meal per day when they have exhausted their account funds. There is no charge limit.  This does not include snack items or extra items above the complete meal.  Parents not wanting their students charging, or those placing a daily or weekly spending limit on their student’s account, must provide a letter to the cafeteria manager stating this request.
Parents are notified of low and negative balances by an automated system weekly and are expected to fund their student’s accounts promptly.

Refund or transfer of funds requests  for students no longer at Battlefield High School should contact Rodney Miller @ .

Teri Carlton
Food Service Manager III