*Friendships*Food*Games*Prayer*Scripture*Singing*Volunteer Hours*

EDGE Club- Room 1104, 2:10-3:15pm (All are welcome!)

First Thursday of the Month: Evaluate
Second Thursday of the Month: Declare
Third Thursday of the Month:  Grow
Fourth Thursday of the Month: Encounter
Various Outreach at Lunches & Around the Community

FCA- Room 1005, 6:45am-7:15am (Morning Prayer)
Monday Mornings
Various Sports Support in the Gym or the Fields

Young Life
Off-Campus Activities- To be announced via Social Networking & Calendar

Freshmen Officer- Merom Arthur
Sophomore Officer- Giselle Contreras
Junior Officers- Katherine Adams & Tyler Hayes
Senior Officer- Mason Setness & Joyce Muya

Worship Leaders:  Abby Houchin & Alexandria Gartland
Community Outreach:  Claire Graser & Tatyana Reyes
Morning Prayer:  Jacob Schaum

Social Networking:
Facebook: BHS Christian Student Association
Instagram: CSA.BHS
Twitter:  @battlefield_csa