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Fee Waivers:
Please reach out to your school counselor if you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver to complete the necessary application.

SAT and ACT Fee waivers are available most frequently for our students on free or reduced lunch. Each school is given a limited amount of fee waivers.

What Does An SAT Fee Waiver Cover?

Your SAT fee waiver lets you take two free SATs (with or without the essay), six free SAT Subject Tests, and receive two Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) or Student Answer Service (SAS) reports. Not sure what QAS or SAS is? Read more about QAS and SAS for a full explanation of these services.

Your fee waiver covers the cost of two SAT registrations. Two out of three students improve their scores when they take the SAT again, so you’ll want to take advantage of both registrations. For example, take the SAT the first time in the spring, and then again in the fall. 

Score higher by retaking the SAT, along with using free, personalized practice on Khan Academy. Over half of SAT takers take the SAT again, and studies have shown this can raise your score by 50–80 points.

Students who use an SAT fee waiver also get free unlimited score sends, waived application fees at select colleges, and unlimited CSS Profile application fee waivers (starting fall 2018) to apply for financial aid.

For a list of schools that accept the fee waiver, CLICK HERE.