Student Activities Leadership Course (SALC) is an empowering student-run organization that gives a voice and a vote to students in determining the culture of their school. The class allows students to make a difference here and in the community through the organization and promotion of student activities.

Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) is an official extension of the SALC program. SALT is an opportunity to expand the current SALC program to a different leadership cohort at BHS. SALT is specifically tailored for student-athletes or those involved in sports (ex. managers, athletic trainers, etc.). The course will focus on building leadership skills with the goal of improving his or her specific athletic program. SALT wants to continue the momentum of the athletic teams’ success over the past few seasons and build bridges between student leaders and student athletes. 

Aplications for the SALC and SALT will go live on February 1st.  Students interested in taking SALC or SALT at Battlefield during the 2021-22 school year must submit their completed application by Wednesday April 7th at 3:30pm

Please e-mail Mr. White, Mrs. Maula, Ms Mills and Mr. Suthers  if you have any questions.

SALC Application
SALT Application