SLMS is the online classroom companion to our School Messenger website. 
When a student or parent logs into they are directed to the SLMS.

SLMS stands for Social Learning Management System.  As the word “Social” implies, it has a discussion thread, chat-type of environment in which teachers and students can interact and converse about classroom topics and events.  Teachers can initiate classroom discussions, share resources, post assignments and deliver evaluations to check for knowledge or content mastery within this environment. Assignments are added to the SLMS class calendar. 

Students can participate in discussions, access classroom resources, turn in digital assignments and interact with their peers in a monitored and secured educational setting.

Only teachers and students have access to this online classroom environment.  Parent/Guardian accounts cannot see the inside of these SLMS classrooms.

Parents can, however, see a summary SLMS classroom calendar that will display all assignments posted in SLMS for all of their children in all of their classes across all schools in PWCS, from one account. Clicking on an item on this summary SLMS calendar will open the item up to display the specific details of the assignment, as well as any attachments and resources that the teacher may have made available for the students to use when completing their work.  Unfortunately, this SLMS calendar is a view-only calendar and does not have the capability to send reminders that an item is coming due. 

Specific classroom calendars linked off of a public Teacher page are synced up to the corresponding SLMS classroom calendar and each of these public calendars has its own iCal feed that a user may copy and add to their own personal online calendar in order to get reminders of items coming due in an SLMS classroom.  These reminders, however, will not have the full details available when viewing the SLMS calendar directly.