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Battlefield High School Counseling Contact Information:

 Julie A. Byrne  Director  
 Stephanie McGann  A - Brov  
 Mark Brier  Brow - Da  
 Terry Harbolick  De - Go  
 Brianna Epps  Gr - J  
 Kylie Bopp  K - L  
 Matt Sisson  M - N  
Monique Marsh  O - Rob  
 Vanessa Smith  Roc - Su  
 Justin Woodside  Sv - Z  
 Alissa Bridges  Career Counselor  
 Rea Craven  Secretary 703.743.3686
 Emily Drzewicki  Secretary  703.743.3712 
 Tammy DeGrood  Registrar 703.743.3706

PWCS will no longer email, mail, or fax educational records. To request records, please visit the Scrib Transfer site.

Counseling Center fax: 703.753.5607
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