Dual Enrollment Information and Process newsletter
newsletter for Dual Enrollment Information

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To learn about NVCC 504 plans, please start here.


1) APPLY to NVCC   (instructions in Dual Enrollment Newsletter and attached below) 
2) Students in Grade 11 and 12 are required to have a 3.0 GPA to take a dual enrolled course. 
3) Students  in Grade 9 and 10 are required to have a 3.25 GPA to take a dual enrolled course. 
4) A student may not have scored "F" in a prior dual enrolled class. 
5) If a student does not meet #2 or #3 above, they you may use test scores to qualify. 
Determine if you have SAT / SOL / ACT or PSAT score that will support your application requirements.  If you do not, schedule to take the VPT Exam. For details in this regard, please use the NVCC Dual Enrollment website link above.

NVCC DUAL ENROLLMENT Courses for SY2021-2022

 Available To Course Category  Course Name  NVCC Course(s) 
CASIIT IT  IT Fundamentals DE ITE 115 
CASIIT IT IT Fundamentals, Hybrid with another
IT Course (for Gr 11 and 12 students)
CASIIT IT  CASIIT Programming and Advanced Web  ITP 150
ITE 170 
CASIIT IT  CASIIT Advanced Programming  ITP 120 
CASIIT  IT  Cybersecurity Network Systems  ITN 260
ITN 266 
CASIIT IT  Database  ITD 256
ITD 132 
CASIIT  IT  Advanced Database  ITD 134
ITP 100 
CASIIT  IT  Cybersecurity Systems Technology  ITN 100
ITE 221 
CASIIT IT  CISCO Networking 1 & 2 ITN 154
ITN 155
CASIIT IT  CISCO Networking 3 & 4  ITN 156
ITN 157 
CASIIT Math  Precalculus w/ Trigonometry for AB  MTH 161
MTH 162 
ALL Math  Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra  MTH 265
MTH 266
CASIIT English  English 11  ENG 111
ENG 112 
ALL English English 12 ENG 111
ENG 112
ALL History  U.S. History  HIS 121
HIS 122 
ALL Social Science Elective  U.S. Government  PLS 135
ALL Science with Lab Biology 2  BIO 101 
ALL Science with Lab
Environmental Science DE ENV 121
ENV 122