A club that celebrates intelligence, creativity, strategy, and fun.  We play a variety of board games that most people have never heard of.  You will not find many classics like Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee or anything similar here.  Instead, you will find newer games that embrace strategic thinking, decisions that matter, learning how to work with someone else or possibly against someone else, or potentially just a way to let off some good laughter. New members are always welcome. Games rules are taught at each meeting and new games are introduced all the time.


Game Days

Meeting every Monday
2:05 - 4 p.m.
(Unless a conflict exists)

Room: 2118

Game Request

If you wish to request a game for a game day session, please contact Mr. Meermans either by email or in person. There are hundreds of games that could be brought in, but we want to make sure there is a good variety of short, medium, and long games with nothing taking over about 1.5 hours to finish due to the length of the club. If you think 1.5 hours is long for a board game - think about how long it takes to actually play Monopoly. Many of the games here will be closer to 30-45 minutes in length.


Board Game Geek
All the information you could possibly desire about games. Ratings for games, recommendations, number of players, strategies, etcetera.


Mr. Meermans
Email: meermabr@pwcs.edu