Battlefield Science and Engineering Fair Coordinator Contact Information:       
Ms. Bollinger

In order to meet the requests of our dedicated science students, BHS will offer the option for virtual participation in a school-based “science fair”.


Please note the following important information:

  • All project topics and procedures must be approved by the Science Fair Coordinator, Mrs. Bollinger, BEFORE you begin your experimentation. You must receive explicit approval in writing (by email) or your project will not be accepted for evaluation or progression to the regional fair. There will be no late entries or exceptions after the fact, under any circumstance, this year.

  •  No teachers will be able to meet in-person with students to facilitate or supervise projects. All projects must be done at home, under parent/guardian supervision.

  •  The following will not be approved this year (we are happy to work with you to find a safe project!)

    • Projects requiring a qualified scientist or any BSL laboratory setting (except in certain circumstances where the student may already be affiliated with a scientist).

    • Projects requiring the use of school lab space/equipment.

    • Use of any potentially hazardous biological agents (Form 6A), microorganisms requiring review board approval, or culturing of organisms of unknown origin. Students may not culture microorganisms at home, and the school setting is not available to support these projects.

    • Use of vertebrate animals or tissues (unless Form 5B applies, with special approval).

    • Use of any chemical, material, or product that is deemed hazardous upon review by the BHS Science Dept.

    • Use of human participants in most cases (Surveys and questionnaires determined by the BHS Science Dept to involve perception, cognition, or game theory and do not involve gathering personal data are allowable).

    • Any project that presents risks deemed unacceptable for student in a home environment, as determined  by the BHS Science Dept. All projects still require sponsorship of a BHS teacher.


If you are interested in learning more about how to participate in the virtual fair this year, please email Mrs. Bollinger direct at

The final deadline for interest and project approval is no later than 12/9.



Battlefield Science and Engineering Fair (BSEF) is affiliated with the Prince William - Manassas Regional competition and Virginia/International Science and Engineering Fair(VSEF/ISEF).