Advanced Placement and Pre-AP Program

About the Advanced Placement / Pre-AP Program @BHS

The Battlefield AP/Pre-AP experience strives to develop a strong,self-driven commitment among students to a higher level of rigor and academic readiness. AP and Pre-AP teachers guide and encourage students to attain higher-level writing, critical thinking, performance, and research skills. Pre-AP classes provide the basis for this level of engagement and achievement while AP classes expose students to a college-level experience. BHS maintains a multi-tiered support system to encourage all willing students to participate and to promote AP/Pre-AP student success.

AP Courses Offered at Battlefield High School

  • AP Arts
  • AP Capstone
  • AP English
  • AP History & Social Science
  • AP Math & Computer Science
  • AP Sciences
  • AP World Languages and Cultures

AP Resource Links
  • AP Central
    The official webpage of The College Board's AP program.
  • AP Students
    A resource from The College Board for students considering and actively taking AP courses.
  • bigfuture
    Resources for parents from The College Board.
  • SpringBoard
    The official webpage of The College Board's Pre-AP program.