Welcome back to a new school year, Bobcats!

While you were away PWCS was busy working on our new SIS (Student Information System) known as "The Hub". Your portal into The Hub is known as StudentVUE. This is where you can access bus and class schedules, grades, attendance information, and more. StudentVUE is accessible online using a web browser or via the StudentVUE app available for iOS and Android platforms.

This new information portal is the most recent addition to a suite of tools provided to you by PWCS to enrich your educational experience, enhance your productivity, and push your learning experiences into the future.

A major component of these is PWCS Student Network Accounts. You will use your own personal account credentials to login to a workstation at school, and when you update your password each year, this information will be synced across most PWCS provided applications providing you with easy and consistent access to the majority of the PWCS provided applications.

Click here to learn more about your PWCS student network account and how to get it set up for your use!