Bobcat Clinic

Battlefield High School offers basic health and wellness care in the school clinic. There is a full time R.N. on staff in all PWC High Schools. At Battlefield, the school nurse is Mrs. Julie Mount. The clinic can be reached at 703.743.3539, and you can email Mrs. Mount at

The nurse offers vision and hearing screenings, BP checks, health counseling and education, performs emergency and sick care, administers medication, and assures that all health regulations including immunizations are followed. First aid is always available, but students and parents should have injuries that occur at home assessed by their primary care physician. Medications can be administered to students that have signed medication consent on file and have their own medication into the clinic. All prescription medication must be brought in by a parent and the consent form must be signed by the physician. All medications must be in their original container and be labeled with the student's name.

Students may not carry unauthorized substances, including over-the-counter analgesics. Holding medication will result in disciplinary action.

General Documents to Download
Blood Donation Documents to Download
Physical Restrictions for Physical Education
If your student is in Health/PE classes and becomes injured or has any doctor-recommended physical restrictions, please download this regulation form Medical Restriction Form. Your physician must sign this form and you may return it to the PE teacher or the school nurse.

These forms are maintained by PWCS central office, and are hosted on the main site.