Staff Listing by Department

Staff Listing (SY 2023-24)

Updated: May 21, 2024

Note: Staff members with (NBCT) after their name are National Board Certified Teachers.

Art Department - Performing Arts

Name Title Email Address
Britcher, Michael Band Director [email protected]
Burney, Douglas Choral Director [email protected]
Codling, Megan Theatre Director [email protected]
Scully, Edward Department Chair
Orchestra Director
[email protected]


Art Department - Visual Arts

Name Title Email Address
Burns, Suzanne Department Chair [email protected]
Demko, Jacqueline Teacher [email protected]
McGaugh, Michael Teacher [email protected]
Stevens, Meredith Teacher [email protected]


Career and Technology Education

Name Title Email Address
Ahmad, Sadia Teacher [email protected]
Bernot, Raymond Teacher [email protected]
Endreola, Kelley Teacher [email protected]
Fennell, Thomas Teacher [email protected]
Hatfield, Greg Teacher [email protected]
Homan, Amy Teacher [email protected]
Mallin, Brooke Teacher [email protected]
Perez, Rebecca Department Chair [email protected]
Proctor, Ted Teacher [email protected]
Smith, Jennifer Teacher [email protected]
Spudic, Michael Teacher [email protected]


CASIIT - Center for Applied Sciences, Interactive and Information Technology

Name Title Email Address
Clarke, Colleen Teacher [email protected]
Cui, Xingjin Teacher [email protected]
Evers, Stephanie Department Chair [email protected]
Levin, Richard Teacher [email protected]
Metts, Tom Teacher [email protected]
Moffat, Gabriela Teacher [email protected]


English Learner Programs and Services

Name Title Email Address
Carter, Laura Teacher [email protected]
Eldridge, Jason Teacher [email protected]


Gifted Education

Name Title Email Address
Burke, Gina Department Chair [email protected]
King, Ben Teacher [email protected]
Weber, Jean Teacher [email protected]
Yount, Kendra Teacher [email protected]


Health & Physical Education Department (Including Driver’s Education)

Name Title Email Address
Bills, Randall Teacher [email protected]
Burkhart, Jay Teacher [email protected]
Johnson, Mark Teacher [email protected]
Link, Krista Department Chair [email protected]
Mello, Robert Teacher [email protected]
Ward, Lisa Teacher [email protected]


Instructional and Technology Resource Staff

Name Title Email Address
Johnson, Louis Instructional Technology Coach [email protected]
Marsh, Jamie (NBCT) Literacy Coach [email protected]
McMaster, Cathi Librarian [email protected]
Schaming, Michael Technology Support Specialist [email protected]
Tierney, Karen Librarian [email protected]


JROTC - Air Force

Name Title Email Address
Shuler, David (SMSgt) Teacher [email protected]
Vasenko, Dan (Col) Department Chair [email protected]


Language Arts Department

Name Title Email Address
Anderson, Beth Teacher [email protected]
Blaine, Susan Teacher [email protected]
Branchetti, Chris Teacher [email protected]
Bridges, Jared Teacher [email protected]
Crivelli, Karrie Teacher [email protected]
Graves, Julie Department Chair [email protected]
Kearns, Michelle Teacher [email protected]
Kelly, Lisa Teacher [email protected]
Kovacs, Karen Teacher [email protected]
Lopresti, Jessica Teacher [email protected]
Michalewicz Ell, Paulina Teacher [email protected]
O'Connor, Briana Teacher [email protected]
Pool, Diana (NBCT) Teacher [email protected]
Provenzano, Brandie (NBCT) Teacher [email protected]
Railsback, Larissa Teacher [email protected]
Rylands, Mary-Kate Teacher [email protected]
Wooller, Jennifer Teacher [email protected]


Leadership - SALC and SALT

Name Title Email Address
Maula, Lauren Teacher [email protected]
Suthers, David Teacher [email protected]
White, Kris Teacher [email protected]


Mathematics Department

Name Title Email Address
Bacon, Katharine Teacher [email protected]
Burns, Deanne Co-Department Chair [email protected]
Gianelle, Claire Teacher [email protected]
Hedden, Deborah Teacher [email protected]
Homan, Wesley Teacher [email protected]
Houser, Bethany Teacher [email protected]
King, Ben Teacher [email protected]
Mac Mahon, Steve Teacher [email protected]
Maula, Lauren Teacher [email protected]
May, Lea Teacher [email protected]
Miller, Deana Teacher [email protected]
Moffat, Gabriela Teacher [email protected]
O'Leary, April Co-Department Chair [email protected]
Shepard, Brian (NBCT) Teacher [email protected]
Weber, Dawn Teacher [email protected]
Wolf, Kevin Teacher [email protected]


Science Department

Name Title Email Address
Atherton-Mellish, Jillian Department Co-Chair [email protected]
Autrey, Sandra Teacher [email protected]
Carney, Karen (NBCT) Teacher [email protected]
Cavanaugh, Amanda (NBCT)
Mukta Lavani
Department Co-Chair
Long-Term Sub (begin 4/11/24)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Chen, Anna Teacher [email protected]
Coleman, Sally Teacher [email protected]
Lillis, Meghan Teacher [email protected]
Linton, Erik Teacher [email protected]
Marsh, Kevin Teacher [email protected]
McLeod, Alyse Teacher [email protected]
Schwebach, Reid Teacher [email protected]
Spudic, Michael Teacher [email protected]
Utter, Rebecca (NBCT) Teacher [email protected]
Vance, Anna Teacher [email protected]
Woollum, Charles Teacher [email protected]
Wright, Kimberley Teacher [email protected]


Social Studies Department

Name Title Email Address
Adkins, Michele Teacher [email protected]
Calloway, Jr., Joseph Teacher [email protected]
Coughlin, Timothy Teacher [email protected]
Davis, Stephen Teacher [email protected]
Diorio, Rae Teacher [email protected]
Dittmer, Stephen Teacher [email protected]
Duley, Emily Teacher [email protected]
Fair, Donald Department Chair [email protected]
Fronckel, Michael Teacher [email protected]
Ganow, Brittany
Deborah Shawler
Long-Term Sub (begin 4/11/24)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hilton, Kevin Teacher [email protected]
Maiuri, Karen Teacher [email protected]
Pauly, Kurt Teacher [email protected]
Rector, Wista Teacher [email protected]
Rohrbach, Matthew Teacher [email protected]
Schelzo, Joseph Teacher [email protected]
Swain, Rebeca Teacher [email protected]
Wonders, Peter Teacher [email protected]


Special Education Department

Name Title Email Address
Atkins, Sally Teacher [email protected]
Clark, Amanda Teacher [email protected]
Cook, Melissa Teacher [email protected]
Dennis, Emily Teacher [email protected]
Golden, Melissa Teacher [email protected]
Grimes Greenwell, Dawn Teacher [email protected]
Gupta, Komal Teacher [email protected]
Hartman, Heather Teacher [email protected]
Hill, Joy Teacher [email protected]
Markiewicz, Takeya Teacher [email protected]
Price, Rebecca Teacher [email protected]
Robbins, Bethany Teacher [email protected]
Shaffer, Brian Teacher [email protected]
Suthers, David Teacher [email protected]
Taylor, Kelli Teacher [email protected]
Teschke, Stephanie Department Chair [email protected]
Thompson, William Teacher [email protected]
Wolf, Sara Teacher [email protected]
Davies, Michelle Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Forero, Renee Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Habib, Aiman Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Hansen, Laura Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Pope, Mia Teacher Assistant [email protected]


Student Services Staff

Name Title Email Address
Claro, Christopher Unified PE [email protected]
Donovan, Cindy Social Worker [email protected]
Gilbert, Rachel New Horizons Therapist [email protected]
Hannam, Irene Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Hoover, Kristine Visual Teacher [email protected]
Kacala, Dacia Autism Specialist [email protected]
Losi, Joanna Speech Therapist [email protected]
Sullivan, Annie Hearing Itinerant
Welteroth, Shannon School Psychologist [email protected]
White, Nina Transition Employment Specialist [email protected]


World Languages Department

Name Title Email Address
Beirne, Joseph Teacher [email protected]
Bell, Dinah Teacher [email protected]
Clemence, Marilyn Teacher [email protected]
Escorcia, Edwin Teacher [email protected]
Gomez, Sonya Teacher [email protected]
Housenger, Theresa Teacher [email protected]
Lennon, Samantha Department Chair [email protected]
Lopez, Carolina Teacher [email protected]
Reames, Nicole Teacher [email protected]
Yount, Kendra Teacher [email protected]