Staff Listing (SY 2022-23)

Updated: January 4, 2023

Note: Staff members with (NBCT) after their name are National Board Certified Teachers.

Art Department - Performing Arts

Name Title Email Address
Britcher, Michael Band Director
Burney, Douglas Choral Director
Codling, Megan Theatre Director
Scully, Edward Department Chair
Orchestra Director


Art Department - Visual Arts

Name Title Email Address
Burns, Suzanne Department Chair
Demko, Jacqueline Teacher
Goetz, Maureen Teacher
McGaugh, Michael Teacher


Career and Technology Education

Name Title Email Address
Ahmad, Sadia Teacher
Bernot, Raymond Teacher
Bills, Randall Teacher
Bishop, George Teacher
Endreola, Kelley Teacher
Fennell, Thomas Teacher
Hatfield, Greg Teacher
Homan, Amy Teacher
Perez, Rebecca Department Co-Chair
Proctor, Ted Teacher
Smith, Jennifer Teacher
Spudic, Michael Teacher


CASIIT - Center for Applied Sciences, Interactive and Information Technology

Name Title Email Address
Clarke, Colleen Teacher
Cui, Xingjin Teacher
Evers, Stephanie Department Chair
Levin, Richard Teacher
Metts, Tom Teacher
Moffat, Gabriela Teacher


English Learner Programs and Services

Name Title Email Address
Carter, Laura Teacher
Eldridge, Jason Teacher


Gifted Education Department

Name Title Email Address
Burke, Gina Department Chair
King, Ben Teacher
Weber, Jean Teacher


Health & Physical Education Department (Inc. Driver’s Education)

Name Title Email Address
Bills, Randall Teacher
Burkhart, Jay Teacher
Johnson, Mark Teacher
Link, Krista Department Chair
Mello, Robert Teacher
Ward, Lisa Teacher
White, Kris Teacher


Instructional Resources

Name Title Email Address
Johnson, Louis Instructional Technology Coach
McMaster, Cathi Librarian
Tierney, Karen Librarian


JROTC - Air Force

Name Title Email Address
Shuler, David (SMSgt) Teacher
Vasenko, Dan (Col) Department Chair


Language Arts Department

Name Title Email Address
Anderson, Beth Teacher
Blaine, Susan Teacher
Branchetti, Chris Teacher
Bridges, Jared Teacher
Crivelli, Karrie Teacher
Graves, Julie Department Chair
Kearns, Michelle Teacher
Kelly, Lisa Teacher
Kovacs, Karen Teacher
Lopresti, Jessica Teacher
Michalewicz Ell, Paulina Teacher
O'Connor, Briana Teacher
Pool, Diana (NBCT) Teacher
Provenzano, Brandie (NBCT) Teacher
Railsback, Larissa Teacher

Rylands, Mary-Kate

Parisi, Sara


Long-Term Sub

Wooller, Jennifer Teacher


Name Title Email Address
Jamie Marsh (NBCT) Literacy Coach


Mathematics Department

Name Title Email Address
Bacon, Katharine Teacher
Burns, Deanne Co-Department Chair
Gianelle, Claire Teacher
Hedden, Deborah Teacher
Homan, Wesley Teacher
Houser, Bethany Teacher
Jones, Rachel Teacher
Mac Mahon, Steve Teacher
Maula, Lauren Teacher
May, Lea Teacher
Miller, Deana Teacher
Moffat, Gabriela Teacher
O'Leary, April Co-Department Chair
Shepard, Brian (NBCT) Teacher
Weber, Dawn Teacher
Wolf, Kevin Teacher



Name Title Email Address
Maula, Lauren Teacher
Mills, Abigail Teacher
Suthers, David Teacher
White, Kris Teacher


Science Department

Name Title Email Address
Atherton-Mellish, Jillian Department Co-Chair
Autrey, Sandra Teacher
Carney, Karen (NBCT) Teacher
Cavanaugh (Esteban), Amanda (NBCT) Department Co-Chair
Chen, Anna Teacher
Coleman, Sally Teacher
Hammel, Meghan Teacher
Linton, Erik Teacher
Marsh, Kevin Teacher
McLeod, Alyse Teacher
Munn, Alyson Teacher
Schwebach, Reid Teacher
Spudic, Michael Teacher
Utter, Rebecca (NBCT) Teacher
Vance, Anna Teacher
Woollum, Charles Teacher
Wright, Kimberley Teacher


Social Studies Department

Name Title Email Address
Adkins, Michele Teacher
Calloway, Jr., Joseph Teacher
Coughlin, Timothy Teacher
Cunningham, Peter Teacher
Davis, Stephen Teacher
Diorio, Rae Teacher
Dittmer, Stephen Teacher
Duley, Emily Teacher
Fair, Donald Department Chair
Fronckel, Michael Teacher
Ganow, Brittany Teacher
Hilton, Kevin Teacher
Maiuri, Karen Teacher
Orrell, Mickey Teacher
Pauly, Kurt Teacher
Rector, Wista Teacher
Rohrbach, Matthew Teacher
Schelzo, Joseph Teacher


Special Education Department

Name Title Email Address
Atkins, Sally Teacher
Clark, Amanda Teacher
Cook, Melissa Teacher
Deel, Bryan Teacher
Dennis, Emily Teacher
Golden, Melissa Teacher
Grimes Greenwell, Dawn Teacher
Gupta, Komal Teacher
Hartman, Heather Teacher
Hill, Joy Teacher
Huynh, Heather Teacher
Johnson, Janice Teacher
Markiewicz, Takeya Teacher
Price, Rebecca Teacher
Robbins, Bethany Teacher
Shaffer, Brian Teacher
Suthers, David Teacher
Taylor, Kelli Teacher
Teschke, Stephanie Department Chair
Thompson, William Teacher
Wolf, Sara Teacher
Forero, Renee Teacher Assistant
Hansen, Laura Teacher Assistant
Kolkmeyer, Hannah Teacher Assistant
Pope, Mia Teacher Assistant
Santini, Michelle Teacher Assistant
Shuler, Kaylee Teacher Assistant


Student Services Staff

Name Title Email Address
Donovan, Cindy Social Worker
Gilbert, Rachel New Horizons Therapist
Hannam, Irene Occupational Therapist
Kacala, Dacia Autism Specialist
Losi, Joanna Speech Therapist
Welteroth, Shannon School Psychologist
White, Nina Transition Specialist


Technology Support Staff

Name Title Email Address
Schaming, Michael Technology Support Specialist


World Languages Department

Name Title Email Address
Beirne, Joseph Teacher
Bell, Dinah Teacher
Clemence, Marilyn Teacher
Escorcia, Edwin Teacher
Gomez, Sonya Teacher
Housenger, Theresa Teacher
Lennon, Samantha Department Chair
Lopez, Carolina Teacher
Reames (Wise), Nicole Teacher
Yount, Kendra Teacher