Parking and Driving

Driving and Parking on School Grounds

Upwards of 1,500 individual cars daily pass through the BHS campus, making management of traffic difficult and requiring the cooperation of all parties involved. Please use both lanes (and stay inside your lane) when entering the school's main driveway entrance.


Students should turn left onto Bobcat Trail and use the left side of that one way street. They should take the third right-hand turn onto Senior Way, and may then park in the student lot in the space sold to them for the school year.

Since bus transportation is available for all students in the Battlefield attendance area, students are encouraged to use this service. Those students who must drive private vehicles are subject to regulations regarding their use. Student drivers are responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules governing the student use of vehicles on school grounds. Violation of any driving/parking rules may result in disciplinary action, the withdrawal of driving privileges, and/or the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

Students who wish to drive must register their car with the school's Safety and Security Office and purchase a school parking permit. No student may drive or park a private vehicle at school during the third or fourth marking periods of the 2020-2021 school year without a current parking decal. Students are only permitted to park in the parking lot in a space sold to them. Designated spaces are available for those with a disabled parking placard or plates.


Parents and guardians should turn left onto Bobcat Trail and use the right side of that one way street. If dropping off students, they should take the first right-hand turn onto the Student Drop-Off Loop and follow the gestured and spoken instructions of staff members. When leaving the drop-off area, they should turn left onto Spirit Drive, then right onto Bobcat Trail to leave the campus.


Visitors to the school should turn left onto Bobcat Trail and use the right side of that one way street. They should take the first right-hand turn then immediately enter the Visitor & Administration Parking Lot, using the parking spaces marked "Visitor."

Staff Members

Staff members may turn left or right onto Bobcat Trail. Staff turning right will proceed to either the side or back parking lots. Staff turning left should use the left side of Bobcat Trail, and take the first left-hand turn into the General Parking lot.

Students and other drivers on school property must keep the fire lanes clear at all times.

diagram of traffic flow at Battlefield High School
This page was last updated February 4, 2021