School Summary

School Summary

front of Battlefield High School

School Profile

Battlefield High School Profile (pdf)

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Address and Phone Numbers

Battlefield High School
15000 Graduation Drive
Haymarket, VA 20169
Phone: 571-261-4400
Fax: 571-261-4411

School Overview

Principal: DeLores Lucas

Assistant Principals:
Judith Beerbower, Billy Childress, Christopher McMillan, Mark Roadarmel, Megan Hostutler (Administrative Intern) and Kamau Street (Administrative Intern).

Specialty Program: Center for Applied Sciences, Interactive, and Information Technology (CASIIT)

Specialty Program Coordinator: Megan Hostutler

Date Opened: September 2004

Number of Students: 2,126

Students Who Go on to Higher Education: 84.22%

Students Who Enroll in Other Continuing Education: 8.6%

Number of Teachers: 142

School Colors: Purple, Black, and Silver

School Mascot: The Bobcat