Prohibited Devices

The school is not responsible for electronic devices that students bring into the building. The Prince William County Schools Code of Behavior specifically states that students shall not have electronic devices on school property without the consent of the school principal.

If a student chooses to bring a prohibited device to school, they may learn a valuable lesson the hard way if the item turns up missing. Electronic devices such as DVD players, iPods and other MP3 Players,digital cameras, CD players, video cameras, and cellular telephones are prime targets for theft. Students should not bring them to school, and do so at their own risk.

All electronic devices must be powered off (not simply muted) and completely put away at all times during the school day. They should be kept securely improperly-sealed lockers and not carried on one's person. Items that are improperly carried during the day will be confiscated.

Electronic devices that are confiscated by the administration must be picked up in person by a parent or guardian.