Canvas for Parent/Guardians

What is Canvas?

Canvas is Prince William County School's new Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas provides a platform for teachers to create virtual classrooms, supporting both real-time (synchronous) and self-paced (asynchronous) learning. Canvas is a powerful tool for blended and distance learning.

How can I obtain a Canvas account?

Parents have the ability to obtain an account for Canvas that has an Observer role in all of the classes that their children are enrolled in. This is done by obtaining a pairing code from their student and using that pairing code to apply for their new account. Once their account is created, additional pairing codes for other children can be added to their account so that parents may access the canvas classrooms for all of their students from a single Canvas Observer account.

Here you will find information about what the Canvas Observer role is and a summary of what it can and cannot do.

Note that parents will not be provided with PWCS Zoom accounts.

About Pairing Codes

Information on obtaining pairing codes and creating a Canvas Observer role account can be found on the PWCS Canvas & Zoom webpage.

  • Click on the tab in the Student section titled Students Creating Pairing Code for Your Parent or Guardian for specifics on where to find the button to create the pairing code.
  • Note that every time a student pushes the button to create a pairing code a new one is generated, so only push the button once and record that code generated to use in the Observer account creation process.

How do I get Canvas Support?

Difficulty logging in?

  • Remember that your username is your email address.
  • Use the Forgot Password link on the login screen to reset your canvas password.

Need additional assistance?

  • Contact Battlefield High School's Instructional Technology Coach, Louis Johnson | [email protected]