PWCS Student Network Accounts

Student Network Accounts

All students have their own unique PWCS network accounts and will be expected to use these accounts when logging in and using PWCS computer resources.

Your PWCS network credentials (username and password) will provide you access to:

  • Login to your PWCS issued computer;
  • Login to your PWCS provided Office 365 Account;
  • Login to your Canvas online classrooms;
  • Login to StudentVUE, the student information portal of The Hub. (Use your full email address as your username);
  • Login to Destiny (library catalog); and more.

In order to begin using this account, you will first need to access your account from a school computer and utilize PWCS Toolbox to establish a system-acceptable password.

You will be required to change this password once a year, and may also do so whenever you feel that it is appropriate or necessary for account security purposes.