Student Account Fundamentals

Account Credentials

There are three parts to a student's account:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Domain (

When a student's username and domain are combined, they make up the student's PWCS Office 365 email address.

Student email addresses are printed on the student's class schedule and can also be accessed by all staff members in our student management system and in their teacher's gradebooks.


Generally, the username follows this naming rubric, but there are deviations from this rule:

  • The first six letters of your last name (entire last name if shorter than 6 digits)
  • the first initial of your first name
    - the first initial of your middle name
  • your two digit scheduled graduation year.

A student's username can also be found on their class schedule as the portion of their email address that proceeds the student domain (


You are NOT new to PWCS and have assessed your account previously,

Your password will still be the same as the last time you accessed your account.

You are new to PWCS, or
You are not new but have never accessed your PWCS network account, or
You have forgotten your PWCS Network password and have asked a staff member to reset your password for you so you can make a new one,

Your password will be set your birth date in the following format, and must be changed by you on first login:

  • First three letters of the month, with the first letter capitalized,
  • followed by a hyphen,
  • followed by the day of the month as a two-digit number,
  • followed by a hyphen,
  • followed by the year as a four-digit number.

*Example of initial password structure:
Bithdate: September 2, 2017  yields  Password: Sep-02-2017